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compassion family international

CFI is Hope for His Children's primary partner in Ethiopia. Started by Peter Abera in 2008, CFI's mission is to seek to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through nutrition, education, and Biblical truths.




kids in the program

meals served daily

School supplies, medical care, clothing 

6 groups

of income generation

Tutoring and social care provided for all families



CFI is blessed with men + women who give their lives to the families they serve. They are truly the hands and feet of Jesus. 

In the 10 years of our partnership, CFI has grown from serving about 20 children to having 153 children enrolled in the program! We have moved from having no program for the children’s guardians to hosting over 100 each day of our 2020 mission trip! In addition, many of the guardians are now involved in Income Generation Groups hosted by CFI.


Most of all, it is apparent to the naked eye the difference CFI has made in the lives of these families. We no longer see malnourished bodies and hungry eyes, dirty faces, and tattered clothes. We are now greeted by happy, active children doing well in school with grand plans for their own futures. Most of the guardians are now employed. God has definitely blessed the work of CFI. 

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