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Let's build something lasting.

By donating to this page, you are donating to the TESFA BUILDING FUND. Hope For His Children is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.


Checks can be mailed to: Hope For His Children, 773 N 700 W, Lebanon, IN, 46052. 

CFI has moved on more than one occasion due to rent increases. In addition, the current space, which is a small house on a single lot, is just too small to host 153 children and their guardians for meals, meetings, tutoring, etc. It is time for CFI to have its own permanent home. Hope for His Children began a building fund a few years ago, but due to circumstances at CFI and in Addis Ababa, we have not able to complete the purchase of property and the building of appropriate facilities. It has become very clear that now is the time to complete this project. CFI has until April 30 th to move or pay the higher rent.


Our building fund is currently just under $168,000. We estimate needing at least $250,000 to complete the purchase of land and begin building. Therefore, we need to raise $82,000 quickly. Our board is passionate about this ministry and about this project. Therefore, before we looked to others to meet the need, we all made personal contributions to the building fund this past week. As a board of ten members, we personally contributed $15,000. We are not bank presidents, CEOs, or software developers. We are small business owners, educators, law enforcement, and office managers. We have all been on the mission trip and have seen and can testify that the work done by CFI is changing lives and providing hope for the future of orphaned, abandoned, and impoverished children, both physically and spiritually.

Will you join us in providing a permanent home for CFI? Will you help us build a ministry center where hungry children are fed, struggling students are tutored, clothes and school supplies are distributed, community is built, hope is sown, and the love of Jesus is shared? Will you help us free this vital ministry from the tyranny of shifting rental rates?

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